CRE Korea at Hancom GROUP’s workshop

Honored and excited to have been invited by Pietro Doran to represent our start-up, CRE Korea, at Hancom GROUP‘s workshop where we talked about developing a #RealEstate group, #HancomDreamtec (#Dreamchain), that aims to serve the needs of the global real estate community. It was a great few days for me as I had the opportunity to meet and hear from industry leaders in both the real estate and #blockchain sectors; this event was truly a feat as planning for it began just two weeks ago – I give Pietro and Paul Kim so much credit for this as it was a huge success! Despite this time crunch, members from #Indonesia, #USA, #Vietnam, #Chile / #Japan, #HongKong, #China, and #Dubai / #MiddleEast flew to South Korea for this event. It has been great being able to meet everyone alongside Pietro and others from Hancom like Sangchul Kim (Hancom Group CEO) and Betty Row (Hancom Secure CEO). I remember I first talked with Pietro about his idea just one year ago at Realty Expo 2018 and look how far it has come since then. Excited for Pietro and the team as it will be awesome to see what comes next with the global community he has created! Our CRE Korea post from one year ago:

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